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   Piercing Connector
Our range of insulation Piercing Connectors can be used as a splice or tap for non tension applications with specially designed contact teeth, these clamps are suitable for the connection of aluminum and copper, widely used in low voltage insulated lines.Piercing Connector Simple installation read not strip the cable cut Piercing Pressure is constant, Keep good electrical connection and make no damage to read water proof and anti corrasion.Piercing connector are made by UV resistant reinforces Plastic as per NFC-33020 am 003

Our range of products includes :
     >> Weigh Connector
     >> Type-A
     >> Type-B
Our range of Piercing Connectors are used to make connection without removing insulation of the cable. These products can accommodate both aluminum and copper conductors and can be used as a splice or tap for non tension applications. Further, these products are applicable in a number of areas such as home appliances, automotive industry (anti-lock braking systems, power windows, etc.), furnaces and in electrical motor and transformer industries.
  • Quality Specification
  • Long Lasting Performance
  • High Performance
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy to install
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    Piercing Connector Products Range
Piercing Connector Type A & B Piercing Connector Type A & B
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